NDP 2021 is going virtual this year!

Join us in this virtual parade

From 9 to 31 August 2021

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What to Expect From The Virtual NDP?

Celebrate Singapore's 56th birthday in the comfort of your home. Join the virtual parade and immerse yourself in the atmoshere as you watch the performances in real-time.

1. Virtual Floating Platform

Explore the NDP floating platform at the comfort of your homes! Roam around and soak in the online atmosphere before the start of the parade.

2. Real-time Performances

Watch the NDP performances in real time on a virtual stage. It's exactly what you'd see on the TV. So grab a snack, sit back and relax. It's showtime!

3. Shop at Virtual Booths

What's so special about this virtual parade? It's the shopping! Visit the virtual booths from our local vendors, browse their products & services, and purchase online.

4. Real-time Interaction

Just like in real life, you can also interact with people. Simply click on a speech bubble to have a conversation with other visitors or talk to the booth owners.

Happy 56th
Birthday Singapore!

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